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3 Fatal Commercial Real Estate Mistakes

SMB Podcast: Episode Two with Guest Tyler Cauble

Episode Overview:
This episode explores the impact of Commercial Real Estate concerns on the "Sellability" of a business. As part of SMB's Trusted Advisor Series, Tyler Cauble joins us as we explore three common (sometimes fatal) commercial real estate mistakes and how to avoid them. Additionally, we discuss his best-selling new book Open for Business.

3 Key Points

  1. Commercial Real Estate is a critical component of your exit strategy success
  2. Be strategic (proactive) to avoid challenges while increasing your business' value
  3. Commercial real estate brokers, their expertise and resources, add tremendous value

Time Stamped Notes

  • [1:00]- Acquisition Preparedness Checklist (Buyers & Sellers)
  • [2:40]- RA's episode insights
  • [3:25]- Begin conversation with Tyler Cauble
  • [5:50]- How commercial real estate decisions impact your business
  • [6:35]- Lease agreements, canticles & things that are "not a problem"
  • [7:05]- Impact of the lease agreement on selling your business
  • [8:45]- Transformation and unicorns in Nashville, TN
  • [11:30]- Discussion regarding Tyler's Best Selling book Open for Business
  • [14:55]- The 3 Fatal Commercial Real Estate mistakes & how to avoid them
  • [19:30]- Ideas that couldn't be further from the truth
  • [20:40]- Checking down as you prepare to exit the business
  • [21:20]- Planning for your exit to maximize the value of your transaction
  • [22:03]- One thing to have on your brain when you go to lease a property
  • [23:00]- What's on deck for The Cauble Group

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