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EVENT: Tax Plan Summit - How To Determine Your "Freedom Point"

Knowing When to Sell A Business

EVENT: Tax Plan Summit: How To Determine Your "Freedom Point" - Knowing When to Sell A Business

Talk Time & Date: September 18, 2021 at 9:00am Central

According to Washington DC "experts", if Biden's 2022 tax plan is adopted, it would make American businesses and investors nearly the highest taxed in the world.

Drafts of the proposed 2022 tax plan indicate that business owners and investors who intend to cash out at any point in the future will pay significantly more in taxes than they have in the past. Both groups stand to lose as much as an additional 15% of their wealth under the proposed tax plan.

Please consider joining Acme Advisors & Brokers at the 2021 Tax Plan Summit as we discuss the proposed changes to the US tax code. CPAs, cryptocurrency tax experts, former IRS agents, real estate investment strategists, tax attorneys and others will share their proven tax planning strategies.

2021 Tax Plan Summit - September 16-19

Event Details

Date: September 16-19, 2021

Format: Online virtual event

Speakers: 9 experts covering different aspects of legal, defensible tax mitigation strategies

Talks: There are nine sessions over four days (overview of talks here)

Topics: Accounting, Blockchain & Cryptos, Exit Planning, Investments, Real Estate, Retirement, Tax Law and Valuation

Again, overview videos of the talks by each speaker can be found here: Tax Plan Summit Speaker Videos

Please use the button below for more information or to receive your free pass to this important virtual event!

43.4% Capital Gains Tax? The 23.8% rate may go to 43.4% for some. That rate hike amounts to a staggering 82% increase in the old rate. ~ Robert Wood, Wood LLP

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