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Free Resource for Business Owners: Goal Setting White Paper

Define Your Destination: Free Goal Setting White Paper

When business owners first think about their business exits, their minds can wander to all of the things they think they must do right away. Before they jump into any planning, they need to know what they're planning for. They must first set certain kinds of goals that are realistic, ambitious, and attainable.

This new white paper examines three types of goals business owners must set and provides guidance for how those goals should be set. Business owners who know why they need to set certain goals and how to set those goals can have more success as they begin their planning.

This white paper is about defining your destination. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to create actionable goals that include defining when, for how much, and to whom you eventually want to leave your business, as well as the aspirational and values-based goals that many owners have. Finally, we’ll show you how best to achieve the goals you set.

Setting goals is the most important step you can take in the entire Exit Planning Process. We believe it is the most important action you will take in the rest of your business-owning career.

Once you set your goals and quantify your existing resources, you complete the first phase of the Exit Planning Process. At that point, you will know how close you are to attaining your goals, how far you have to go, and how long it might be before you cross the finish line.

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