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Sell My Business Podcast

Episode One: Acme's 10 Step Accreditation Process

Episode Overview:
This inaugural episode deep dives Acme Business Brokers' 10 Step Process for "Accrediting" every business that's offered via our network.

3 Key Points

  1. Knowing (and understanding) the entire business sales process is critical for success
  2. Business brokers, their tools, expertise and resources, add tremendous value to the process
  3. Successful business transactions require consistency and effectiveness throughout the process

Time Stamped Notes

  • [1:00]- Acquisition Preparedness Checklist (Buyers & Sellers)
  • [2:30]- RA's episode insights
  • [5:30]- Conversation with TVA Greg Reynolds
  • [6:35]- Top reasons for selling a business
  • [7:50]- The CBR (Confidential Business Review)
  • [9:10]- Estimating the (true) value of a businesses
  • [10:30]- Advising vs. consulting
  • [12:34]- Broker's tools for marketing a business
  • [14:45]- Dealing with inquiries from potential buyers
  • [16:45]- Offer to Purchase
  • [17:30]- Proper due diligence
  • [18:53]- Closing should be a celebration
  • [19:40]- What happens after the transaction?

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