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The Next Chapter Podcast

Knowing where you are going makes a BIG difference

The Importance of Planning Your Next Chapter

According to statistics, businesses that build and execute an exit plan sell for nearly twice as much as those that do not... Unfortunately, too many owners fail to plan for their inevitable business exit. Whether they plan to sell in two or ten years, most fail to maximize the value of their largest asset.

How does this happen?

There are several reasons for this. All of which seem real or “valid” as business owners go on avoiding planning…

The Next Chapter Podcast was created to explore why business owners fail to plan for what should be one of the happiest days of their lives - the day they sell their company.

Knowing where you are going makes a BIG difference. Having a clear, tangible plan for what's next in your Business Life Cycle increases the likelihood of success. NCP considers many factors involved in successfully selling or growing a company (via acquisition).

Each episode discusses exit planning and business transition, interviews with expert advisors (attorneys, CPAs, financial planners & tax experts) as well as the direct experiences of entrepreneurs who have exited their companies.

If you're new to the topic of Exit Planning and Business Transition, or have just avoided it, consider listening to our podcast. We guarantee you'll gain valuable insight into how to prepare for your inevitable, unavoidable exit.



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