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U.S. “Mainstreet” Businesses on the Precipice

Bowling Green, KY- With “mainstreet” businesses in the U.S. Market poised to experience steady growth throughout 2018, the time has never been better for Business Owners, who have worked hard to position their business for sale, to find the right buyer. Alternatively, aspiring Entrepreneurs who have been waiting for the right time to enter the business world, as an owner, could also be at the precipice too.

Acme Business Brokers, an intermediary for buyers and sellers of businesses, announced its formal launch into the Kentucky and Tennessee markets today. The firm works with entrepreneurs to develop successful exit strategies and business transition plans for their businesses. Acme’s expertise includes analysis, strategy, valuation, brokerage services and a portfolio of related services (legal, commercial real estate, etc.).

“Our expertise is helping clients to identify, refine, evaluate and leverage their assets, leading to the successful sale or purchase of a business.” stated Robert Allen, Founder and Principal Owner of Acme Business Brokers. “This project has been in development for a while now. We’ve married successful processes, vast expertise and technology in a way that will create greater success rates for our clients. Our team is the best of the best and we will be announcing our proprietary “Acme Accredited” listing network in the coming weeks.” Allen remarked.

About Acme Business Brokers

Bowling Green, KY-based Acme Business Brokers serves buyers and sellers of businesses throughout Kentucky and Tennessee, considering select projects from outside areas. With its proprietary “Acme Accredited” listing network, it is evolving the way businesses are prepared for sale and matched with qualified buyers. Acme believes strongly in the value of entrepreneurship and is committed to delivering on a simple promise: The investment risks of owning a business deserve a straightforward, professional and honest presentation to both the seller and buyer. Acme Business Brokers provides a confidential, process-driven approach all the way through to the completion of a client’s transaction.

For more information contact:

Robert Allen

(270) 883-2640

success (at)

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