• What Are You Doing To Plan For
    The Most Significant Financial Event
    of Your Life?

    Question: Is your wealth locked up in your company?

    Question: Do you know how to convert the value of your company to cash?

    Question: Does the idea of exiting your company seem daunting & exciting?

    We Help Business Owners Answer These Questions Every Day

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    You're Not Alone

    If you have thought about leaving your business but don’t know how to begin, you are in good company. According to The BEI 2016 Business Owner Survey Report, 79% of successful business owners hope to exit their companies within the next 10 years. Unless those owners are familiar with The BEI Seven Step Exit Planning Process”, it is doubtful that they will exit in style. In fact, the SBA observed, “At any given time, 40 percent of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue” and “the primary cause for failure is... lack of planning.”

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    Three Elements of A Successful Exit

    A Roadmap
    Exit Planning is a process that helps owners decide where they want to go and how to get there.


    Experienced Guides

    Owners must assemble a team of trained and experienced advisors to guide them through choices and decisions as they work toward their exit goals.



    Success depends on a disciplined implementation timetable keyed to an owner’s Exit Plan.

  • Without Experienced Advisors, An Exit Plan and An Implementation Timetable, the Chances of A Successful Exit Are Slim

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    How We Can Help

    To help you create your Exit Plan, we coor­dinate your advisors and implement your Plan based on your timetable. As Members of The BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals, we know how to guide you to your successful exit. Using a systematic Exit Plan­ning Process developed over the last 25 years, you decide:

    • When you wish to leave your business.
    • How much cash you need when you exit.
    • To whom you want to transfer the business.

    Our Exit Planning system is a process, not a product. We aren’t vested in promoting a particular goal. Instead, we work to identify and accomplish your goals. Our system works because it is a customizable process that takes you to the successful exit you desire.

    Acme Advisors & Brokers - Exit Planning - BEI Network Pros

    The BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals

    We are Members of this Network for three simple reasons. It provides us with:

    • Access to updated tools, changing infor­mation, and state-of-the-art design ideas necessary to design an effective Exit Plan for your specific situation.
    • Access to other trained Exit Planning Advisors in a variety of disciplines. We can draw upon their ideas (if necessary) when designing your Exit Plan.
    • Ongoing education to keep us at the cutting edge of Exit Planning.
    Acme Advisors & Brokers - Exit Planning - Trusted Advisors

    Are Your Trusted Advisors Asking You About Your Plans For A Successful Exit?

    Most advisors don’t because they simply don’t know that there is a proven Exit Planning Process. Good Exit Planning requires the coordinated efforts of a number of advisors - minimally, a CPA, attorney, and financial or insurance professional. Working together as your Advisor Team, advisors skilled in Exit Planning can help you achieve your exit goals.

    Acme Advisors & Brokers - Exit Planning

    How We Work

    As trained Exit Planning Advisors:

    • We work as part of an interdisciplinary Advisor Team. We know that a successful exit is the product of trained, experienced professionals who work together to meet your Exit Planning goals.
    • We create owner-centered Exit Plans based on your goals, objectives, and concerns. Only after listening carefully to your answers to the questions in the Seller's Readiness Checklist, and dozens of other questions, do we begin to create your unique Exit Plan.
    • Our fees are based on the creation and implementation of a written Exit Plan.
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