• Partner Compensation Program

    Partner Compensation Program


    Acme Advisors and Brokers pays a commission for referrals that convert into the sale of a business. Compensation occurs at the time of closing and is based on the earned commission. This amount can and does vary from transaction to transaction but the range is typically between 8%-12%.


    The following percentages are attributed to the level of participation in the transaction.


    • 10% of the commission value if you provide only a name (simple referral, web-based or email handoff)


    • 20% of the commission value for a name and some work on your behalf (Introductions, recommendations, some follow-up)


    • 50% of the commission value on a listing that you actively work on with us (co-brokering, partnering on the opportunity)


    Conditions for Partner Compensation:


    1. Partner must execute a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and a Acme Partner Program Application prior to or as part of an ongoing working relationship and adheres to all terms and conditions.


    1. A sale of the referred business must occur within one (2) years of the referral agreement.


    1. Partner and Acme Advisors and Brokers are to share any compensation from the sale of the business, if any. Acme Advisors and Brokers will be the sole authority for determining commission rates and amount charged to the principal. The Partner commission is paid when Acme Advisors and Brokers receives its contingency commission at closing.


    1. Co-Broker acknowledges and understands that Acme Advisors and Brokers and its associates represent the “Business” (Seller) and have a contract with the Business for a commission payable on the sale, trade, lease or exchange of the business or property. Co-Broker agrees to keep all information provided confidential except as authorized by Acme Advisors and Brokers to identified Buyers as stated in this document. Co-Broker agrees not to directly contact the “Business” unless prior approval is given by both Acme Advisors and Brokers and the Business, nor represent the Business for sale within two years of the signing of this agreement.

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